Our Farm to Family programme is an easy way to get your monthly organic fix.

  1. Sign up with a few friends (or ask to join an existing group)

  2. We give you access to your group online ordering spreadsheet see exampleSpreadsheet example

  3. Every month we update this with the details of the vegetables we have available.

  4. You update the spreadsheet with your orders.

  5. You then tell us when your group reaches the monthly $200 minimum and you want to close off your order for that month.

  6. We will send each member their individual invoice, harvest your food, and drop it off for collection.

  7. We will usually deliver in the first week of the following month on an agreed date to your nominated group member.

It's all done securely online, all you have to do is collect your order from one of your group who has agreed to distribute it (it can be a different person each time).

We have an open gate policy and you are welcome  to visit the farm with your group so you can see for yourself how carefully we grow your vegetables. If you like you can have a go at planting and harvesting them for yourself and your group. This is a good way to gain the knowledge and experience to grow your own food at home.

Every order will earn your group Permakai Points. Permakai Points allow you to request us to grow a specific seasonal crop for your group e.g. if you wanted to make sauerkraut or kimchi we could grow the cabbage, radish, scallions, red pepper and garlic exclusively for you - you would determine the variety and the number to grow.

When we have a surplus we will add extra produce to your order according to the number of Permakai Points your group has earned.

It's our intention to make our Farm to Family programme easy and convenient, We want to offer every person or family who believes in supporting their local farmers the opportunity to source trustworthy, non-industrial food that is grown in an ethical fashion. We offer you the chance to change ‘consumer’ culture by re-connecting with how food is grown. By buying locally from us you enable us to heal the land and grow more tasty and nutritious food for you.