A common question we get is about the tools we use to grow our veggies. I thought you might be interested to hear the answers:


Our small tractor is used fo lifting and pulling - thats all.

Breaking new ground

Either our 60yr old recently renovated Clifford Cultivator for a new part of the garden with multiple beds, or our small Mantis cultivator , if we have just a couple of beds.

We then double dig and add amendments - biochar and compost. Maybe lime if we have time before the first planting.

Turning over a bed

Depending on the crop we are removing we will either cut it by hand, use a mechanical Stihl hedgeclipper , or simply the lawnmower set to cut low.

We might follow this with the Mantis cultivator to pull out the weeds and shape the paths between the beds.

We will then broadfork the bed and add amendments e.g. organic guano from Viafos, and/or our own compost.

Finally we will either sow our next crop or cover it with silage tarp and wait a bit.


To prepare the bed we will use a rake. Then we will flame weed to minimise weed pressure.

We find a guaging trowel to be more ergonomic than the standard trowel for transplanting.

Direct sowing

We will typically use the Earthway seeder with Elliot Colemans hack


Crops that are direct sown are watered and covered by 80% shade cloth until they germinate, or with bird netting. If we need hoops we use rebar inside alkathene (insert rebar first and then bend!)


Timers by Hozelock and irrigation tape called Sumi soakers


We use a niwashi for general weeding, a digidigi for harvesting and thistles, A stirrup hoe for quick weeding, and some homemade hoes


Thats about it, not saying these will work for you, but they work for us. Hope this helps