Here we follow the journey of our new walk behind tractor from the Rapid factory in Killwangen, Switzerland to our farm in Waiuku. This tractor is important to us for a number of reasons. They will be revealed in due course.

The journey

  • 16 Feb – Left the factory in Killwangen, Switzerland
  • 20 Feb – Arrived in Antwerp
  • 22 Feb – Loaded into container and sealed
  • 25 Feb – CAP SAN TAINARO arrives in Antwerp to pick it up
  • 26 Feb – Early morning departure. Just a few more stops and CAP SAN TAINARO will be in Auckland.
  • 27 Feb – Le Havre for a couple of days
  • 28 Feb – left Le Havre for a 12 day crossing of the Atlantic Ocean to Cartagena in Columbia
  • 7 Mar – Still on track, CAP SAN TAINARO has dipped slightly south by the Canary Isles to take advantage of the northerly airflow. A wind from astern saves on fuel and general wear and tear of ship and crew.
  • 11 Mar – About 100miles before CAP SAN TAINARO leaves the Atlantic Ocean and enters the Caribbean.
  • 13 Mar – Docked at Cartagena and container transferred to SPIRIT OF SINGAPORE
  • 14 Mar – SPIRIT OF SINGAPORE through the Panama Canal and leaving on 15th for the 22 day trip across the Pacific to Tauranga
  • 8 Apr – Arrive Auckland
  • 18 Apr – In Waiuku

Current position

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