About me

Hi, I’m Charleen and I've taken over from Rory and Jennifer growing vegetables at Permakai.

What motivates me is to continue what they have started, taking care of the land that feeds us and taking care of Permakai’s customers.

I love living in Franklin and meeting the people who live here. We are lucky enough to live on a lifestyle block. This has given me a connection to the place that I have called home for more than 10 years.

Currently I sell my produce from home under the name ‘Our Kitchen Garden.’ Having recently left a demanding but very rewarding job as a veterinarian I am looking forward to a different pace of life. I am excited to be a part of this, to spend my time outside with my hands in the soil and bees buzzing around me. I look forward to meeting you, my customer. I will try to provide you with all the vegetables that you and your family love, and I might be able to teach you how to cook some you’ve never tried!

The vegetables are sold through Permakai Organics on the openfoodnetwork

Box of seasonal goodness

If you’re like me ALL inspiration is welcome! I do love growing vegetables but eating them is my favourite part.

Each box contains a new recipe. If you missed one you can view them below. Hover over the image and press the arrows that appear to display the next image. To print just save the image (usually right click > Save image) and print it. Enjoy.